16 de julio de 2008

Little Love

Being in love with fear.
Feel panic
of one’s heart.
Feel it belong to you
and don’t
know how to keep it.

It may you laugh,
it may you cry
but don’t know why.
You just want to keep going
through the dark tunnel

‘till the light turns red
and you start dancing Tango.

Dark feet make you fly
to the end of nothing,
looking again
for another panic game,
for you
to turn into an angered

Abril Albarrán
(published in One Hundred Poets Plus
Anthology Number two
September 2011

1 comentario:

Héctor Javier dijo...

this is cool
i think u have to make your own alternative band
u can write the lyrics & of course sing them
this is completely alternative
like Bjork or Out Hud lyrics
this could be poetry too
but it would be cool with background music...
with love...

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